Choose from one of the Bible languages below. [unzip the ZIP file first to be able to use] -

Important Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of characters.

How to do it: After you download the file you unzip it, or uncompressed it, with a program that is freely available online. 7-zip, for example, is a good one and it is free. When you unzip the zip file you have a directory called 'de'', for German, or 'kj' for English, etc... depending on the language you downloaded. You copy this directory into the place you want it in your computer [Desktop, for example], or into your mobile phone or smartphone and look for it in your storage card or memory. Inside the referred directory you should find a file called index.htm [or start.html]. Double-click on that file and the main page will open in your browser. You can make a shortcut to it and place it on the desktop. The Bible in the language you have chosen will now work as a web page, which you can use offline, that is, without being connected to the Internet. The page you will see will look and work like THIS [except it will be in the language of your choice]: and has links to all the books of the Bible, which you can use. This process will be the same for any computer or operating system.